Project Gallery

Temporary Construction Power Panel

While a new house is being constructed there is a need for temporary power to power the tools and site heaters. Running generators is one option however they are loud and can pose a fire risk especially in remote locations such as this one. A large cable was run from the transformer up the road connected to an electrical panel to provide the construction crews with the power they need.

Progress shot

Finished front view

Finished side view

Basement Development

This stage of a basement development is called the "rough in". This is where all the electrical boxes are mounted in the walls and all the wire is ran to connect all the switches and receptacles within the walls. After the City has inspected the work for code compliance, insulation and drywall can be put up closing the wiring into the walls moving on to the next phase of the development.

Rough in - Mechanical room/bathroom

Rough in - Kitchen wall

Rough in - Inside panel

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces within the home. This is where people gather to catch up after a busy day at work and prepare the family holiday feast. When doing a renovation it is usually best to strip the electrical back to bare basics then try to repurpose the existing circuitry to save both time and money.

Before - Old kitchen

Electrical final - All new lighting and kitchen electrical

Electrical final - New island

Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is the heart of any electrical system. These pieces of equipment are usually left within the mechanical room or closets and are often forgotten about... until an electrical issue arises. Circuit breakers are sensitive safety devices that will "trip" when there is a fault, protecting from electrical shocks and potentially fires. Circuit breakers wear out over time and should be replaced when issues arise, electrical panels should also be checked periodically to ensure that all connections are tight eliminating the potential of an electrical fire.

Before - Old Panel 1

After - New Panel 1

Before - Old Panel 2

After - New Panel 2

Hot Tub Hook Up

Everyone loves a hot tub! Hot tubs are fairly large electrical loads and the electrical system within the residence needs to be large enough to handle the added load. Prior to starting the project a load calculation needs to be completed to ensure that the existing electrical service is large enough.

Hot tub wired to existing junction box

Teck connection into hot tub

Final terminations within hot tub